Online Learning in Science and Engineering

Scientific disciplines often require professionals to obtain new credentials to stay current in their fields. How has online education shifted to meet the needs of people who want to get ahead while keeping their jobs? And what's available for undergraduates?

A Closer Look at Teacher Shortages in America

America produces more teachers than it really needs, yet schools across the nation are having trouble filling teaching roles with qualified candidates. How come?

Internships in the Age of Online Classes

Like with education, internships have moved online. Students in online degree programs can find internships that they can complete from home, but they also have the option of leveraging connections between local college campuses and community businesses.

Games and Education -- Is Learning Fun? Is Fun Learning?

Learning and playing are sometimes thought to be mutually exclusive activities in the classroom, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Tenets from gamification can be readily employed with great success among learners of all ages.

Trends in Professorship -- Who Teaches at College?

A brief look at some of the consequences of the decline in tenure-track professorship. If you are planning on going to college, make sure you know who will be teaching your classes.

Are Online MBAs Growing?

The Master of Business Administration degree is particularly flexible and has adapted well to the platform of online education. Online business graduate programs have made a lot of headway in the last five years and continue to grow among reputably-branded, not-for-profit schools.

Every Student Succeeds -- K-12 Technology and College Readiness

How are federal initiatives shaping the way that states in America think about technology, education, and college preparedness?

The State of Education

Are you considering college? Just under two thirds of graduating high school seniors in America moved on to university education in 2014, a decline from more than 70% in 2009. Those who do graduate from college are facing a competitive global marketplace for jobs where a bachelor’s degree is considered the modern equivalent of a high school diploma. But do you have to go college to be successful today? Absolutely not.